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Fifth Edition

Due to the public health concerns and restrictions imposed by the government, related to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Internet of Things Convention Europe will be postponed and now available on

Boost your business and invest in the huge potential of IOT!

The Internet of Things Convention Europe has the ambition to stimulate businesses and organizations to discover the huge potential of IOT!

Nowadays everything is connected to the digital world, which creates new experiences and lots of opportunities. The benefits of this all-round connectivity are huge. For the users, the customers, the providers and all different industries those are: a better customer experience, active monitoring, more security, lower operational costs, higher energy-efficiency, proactive maintenance and a faster technical support. 

How will IoT-applications create new business opportunities? And what trends should you keep an eye on? Over 40 experts will give an answer to these questions and no less than 55 companies will demonstrate their capabilities, platforms, technologies and services.

  • “A lot to learn and discuss and many interesting contacts in a compressed way.”
  • “Good investment of your time to have an update of the market in one day.”
  • “Interesting to open your mind and learn about what is going on in other industries.”
  • “Great collection of IoT companies and community.”
  • “Interesting presentations & technologies from the front line of the smart world.”
  • “Large choice of topics.”
  • “Good mix of content, knowledgeand networking.”
  • “Nice way to meet the inner circle.”
  • “Good reflection of main players in Iot market.”
  • “Future proof.”
We’ll cover different tracks on the 27th of October! Find more information about these tracks below:
Which technologies are available to make our cities smart? Where lie the different opportunities?
Will explain us the importance of improved and sustainable (public) transport, safe traffic and accessibility in general.
Talks about housing & living, home automation, smart working (businesses), health conditions, safety and architecture.
Proof of the advantages of digitization in various aspects of its business activities.

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Advisory board

Helping us shaping the final agenda, we proudly announce you our Advisory Board for the fifth edition
Pieter Ballon
Scientific lead
Imec Living Labs
Ulrich Seldeslachts
John Baekelmans
Peter Buelens
President of the Board
Brewery of Ideas