Vincent Verstraete

CTO, Loqutus

Vincent Verstraete is a passionate solution/enterprise architect with a keen interest in digital technologies, cloud/hybrid integration and IoT. He gained experience in projects in both the public and private sector, and has shared his findings at a.o. ITWorks, SAI and Connected Brains.  As recently nominated CTO at LoQutus, Vincent is responsible for the end-to-end service portfolio and technology offering.


IoT won’t work without Artificial Intelligence

IoT has succeeded in enabling information sources that were previously inaccessible. And since the number of smart devices is increasing at an exponential pace, so is the amount of available data. Simple processing rules and manpower are no longer sufficient but more advanced techniques such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are becoming crucial to gain new valuable insights from this (big)data. Let’s check out how these two forces are amplifying each other! 



Okapi Room 10:00