Veselin Pizurica

Co-founder & CTO, Waylay NV

Veselin Pizurica is the co-founder and CTO of Waylay NV. With more than 15 years experience in software product development, Veselin’s background is in M2M, cloud computing, semantic web, artificial intelligence, signal and image processing, pattern recognition and more. A true R&D guy at heart, Veselin has authored or co-authored 12 patent applications.



How to build a smart city solution – a story from the trenches

Cities are dynamic entities composed of multiple parts in constant motion, each city service acting as a critical living function. Even when your smart city solution only focuses on one of these functions, such as city mobility, you need to work with many moving parts. This is the story of one such endeavor and our tips & tricks on how to make it work. Expect a (semi-)technical talk on working with multiple-source (open) data, APIs, different standards, multiple business & consumer stakeholders and more.




Darwin Room 12:00