Tim is an ‘enterpreneurial’ company man always keeping in mind the bigger picture and translating the long term vision into actionable business plans across multiple business domains. 

He can look back on 20 years of management experience. He started as entrepreneur at Axias, and afterwards worked for Real Software, Idea and Astadia. Currently he’s Sales & Marketing Director and responsible for the Internal Communicatons department at Realdolmen. 

Tim is author of the Management Safari book series.

How can IoT create new  business models for your organization? 

Today’s challenge is to bring together and technology and the business as of day 1. And you also need to start the conversation as of day 1 about how to embed this into your operational model, getting the right people on board and set up the necessary organization structures to fully support the new model once it is ready to be rolled-out at full force. 

That digital both-and thinking makes the difference between having a great creative idea and truly creating a game changer in the industry. 



12:00 – 12:30