Stein is a renowned solutions architect, working many years as a research scientist and innovator with a special focus on human interaction and identity relations. He was the solutions architect for both the Norwegian Citizen Portal (MyPage) and the Norwegian Identity Provider (MyID) for the public sector. Stein has been working with ForgeRock from the beginning covering many different roles in product management and technical enablement. He has previously held the CTO position in several companies throughout his more than 25 years in this business working for both software integrators and software companies like Sun Microsystems. He has also been the solution architect behind the new ForgeRock IoT initiative and products. Main focus on transforming insecure IoT assets and services into trusted “first class citizens of identity” to leverage all the existing identity capabilities in the ForgeRock Identity platform like authentication and authorization. 

Servicing tens of thousands of connected cars : the importance for scaleable trusted mobile IoT identities in automotive and other industries. 

In automotive the vehicle itself will evolve into becoming a fully IoT ecosystem on its own. A cryptographically trusted digital identity of the “vehicle” will be used to authenticate and authorize against various cloud services in addition to telematics data. Vehicle owners and drivers will be authenticated and authorized based on trusted relations and their roles between the vehicle and the users. The driver’s preferences and service subscriptions like Spotify etc. will be activated in the vehicle and will follow the driver not the car. The driver gives his consent to share selected parts of the vehicle telematics to his insurance company but can easily withdraw it at any time. Establishing the strong relation between human identities and IoT asset identities need both to be based on a “root of trust”. Next generation IoT services is beyond data only. Some examples from Toyota and other car manufacturers, and how this aligns with our engagement with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL). 




13:00 – 13:30