Marc Van Gastel

Head of Department Invest Flanders Investment & Trade

Marc Van Gastel has an MBA in Science, a post-graduate Certificate in Economics, an MBA in public management and a PhD in Computer Science. He is the Head of the Invest Department at Flanders Investment and Trade, an autonomous agency that is part of the Flemish Government (Belgium). It is responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment in the North region of Belgium – Flanders. Before Mr Van Gastel took up his position at Flanders Investment and Trade, he was the Director of Deloitte’s Innovation Center of Excellence, a center with particular focus on developing and delivering guiding services in support of the innovation programs of Deloitte clients. From 2005 to 2007 Mr Van Gastel was appointed as Advisor to the Flemish Minister of Economics, Foreign Trade, Science and Innovation and at the Department for Economy, Science and Innovation. From 2003-2005 he has been doing extensive advisory work at IWT, the Flemish Government Agency for the promotion of Innovation and Science, in the fields of Biotech, ICT and Chemistry, and in the domain of Performance Management, revising the Strategic Information Plan for several Agencies within the government, in Public Private Partnerships and in businesses altogether. Before 2003, he was a founder/owner of MDS and Medialine, 2 companies active in consultancy, coaching, assessing, monitoring and administering ERP systems. As parttime lectorer and Guest lecturer Marc has been teaching all his working life at several higher educational institutes, both on national and international level. He has also organised an conducted seminars in E-Business at universities, business schools and large companies.


Land scape analysis IoT in Flanders, by Flanders Investment & Trade

IoT will have a huge impact on our lives in the near future. Smart cities, advanced manufacturing, smart logistics … all these concepts are highly depending on the IoT technology. A recent study conducted by FIT, in close cooperation with Accenture, shows the current state of the Iot eco-system in Flanders and the opportunities to develop it at an international level. The presentation will focus on how companies can benefit from the projects and technologies currently unfolding in Flanders.




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