Peter Hellinckx

Peter Hellinckx is assistant professor at the University of Antwerp and IMEC. He is the head of the department of electronics and ICT and head of the Postgraduate education program in Internet of Things. In research he focusses on the integration of Internet of Things and Cyber physical systems .In more detail his team does research in Constrained software analysis (WCET, real-time scheduling, power consumption), Distributed AI, IoT code distribution and hyperscale IoT Simulation. He sees Autonomous driving (flying and navigating), Mobility, Logistics, industry 4.0 and last but not least the city as his main application domains




Human capital as one of the major pitfalls for companies in the Internet of Things revolution.

Currently Flanders among others is a region with a high level of expertise and innovation in Internet of Things. Due to the combination of the level of education, the right investments in research and innovation and the spirit to invest in unexplored technologies, these regions managed to get this far. There is however a pitfall. Currently we see a rising need in human capital and this in contrast to with the stable amount of available resources. This pitfall in our opinion is one of the major threads for these regions and this talk proposes a potential solution.




Gorilla 2 room 10:30