Peter Defreyne

Managing IxorTalk

Peter Defreyne is an electrotechnical civil engineer. He focuses on bridging the gap between ICT-technology, innovative applications and new business models. His background is in digital media and smart mobility, and recently also on eHealth and smart energy. Peter is managing IxorTalk.



Focus your IoT-strategy with open source IoT

While the goal of an IoT-strategy is to create new solutions and revenue streams, most of the investment is lost in platform technology. As most companies are facing similar challenges, it makes sense to join forces and collaborate. IxorTalk open sources its IoT platform to provide collaborative development, enabling companies to focus their IoT-strategy on innovation and business opportunities. The open architecture will be explained as well as the opportunities and risks of integrating IaaS/PaaS platforms



Gorilla 2 room 11:30



+32 494 15 95. 92