Emanuel Marreel

Business Development & Innovation Manager @ Siemens

After graduating in 1998 as a Master of Science in the field of electrical engineering (specialization analog microelectronics) and obtaining a MBA in 2002 he took up several R&D, financial and business positions. After a 3-years expatriate experience in North Africia as Director of the division Customer Services within the Industry

sector for Siemens based in Casablanca (Morocco) he returned 5 years ago back to Siemens Belgium to be active in Corporate Business Development and Innovation, with a main focus on SMART CITIES and SMART BUILDINGS. He takes up within Agoria (The Belgian federation of technology industry) the role of president of the Smart Building platform, committee member of Smart Cities and committee member of the Building and Urban Technology Club.


Enhancing building performance through the power of data

Digitalization is rapidly changing market dynamics by bringing our virtual and real worlds together. Technologies are evolving at an unprecedented speed – and they’re changing the way we do business and the way we live. All around the world, buildings are doing something they’ve never done before: They’re talking. Digitalization gives them a voice. By embracing digitalization, your building’s portfolio can provide the insights that enable you to generate more operational efficiency, empower your workplace, minimize environmental impacts and minimize building downtime.

Sub-chapters: More transparency and added value from building data with digitalization Digitalization and the “Internet of Things” Get the most out of your buildings! Building information modeling (BIM)



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