Maarten Van Aerde

Key Account Manager IoT, Engie M2M

Maarten Van Aerde (41), Key Account Manager ENGIE M2M, Full of energy, looking forward to the future! Maarten holds a Master degree in Electronics and has a proven professional track record in “innovation”. He started working for ENGIE in 2007, after having spent more then 6 years at Barco in the world of Virtual & Augmented Reality. At ENGIE he played a frontrunner role in sustainable mobility, until early 2016, when Maarten joined the ENGIE M2M sales-team to unlock dedicated connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT).



Stop thinking technology! Think solutions!

When implementing IOT based processes or an IOT based strategy, too many companies or organizations still believe a single technology choice needs to be made prior to the start. Moreover most companies or organizations also believe that this choice is permanent and fixed. However software platforms these days allow a multi-technology approach! Need based and solution oriented thinking is the only way forward. The speaker will give an insight on how Engie M2M can assist and guide private and public organisations in safely implementing total solutions without the fear of being locked-in.




Elisabeth Room 16:00