Kris Rottiers

Kris is a driven and straightforward person who is passionate about creating new innovative products with an added value. He has a “learn by doing” mindset and a couple of years experience in innovation and technology. People describe him as a “troublemaker,” but in a positive way, as he always aims to make things better through innovation because, this will uplift mankind. He sees the development of Drone-future with his team as a novel project with a high potential to create new opportunities and bring about change across the world and across different industries. He believes that drone-future can create a very important added value in the chain of drones in general and certainly in delivery in the near future and can accelerate this sector all over the world. For him, making something from scratch to something that is used worldwide is the greatest achievement of all.

Drones are the future 

Drones will hold an important value in our near future with a lot of benefits for many parts of this industry.  Either you embrace them and start looking for ways to implement them in the society or you stay behind and bear the consequences afterwards. If you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way.



12:30 – 13:00