With more than 14 years of experience in Industrial Software, Joris holds a backpack of knowledge and wisdom related to the Industrial eco-system. Joris has been working in markets such as Utilties, Oil&Gas, Chemicals, Pharma and various Industrial Equipment Builders. Starting as a Software engineer, Joris is currently leading the Industrial IoT portfolio at Bagaar and Xylos.

What if you could connect all your equipment.

In thisĀ IoT era we have sayings like ‘the value is in the data’ or ‘make use of artifical intelligence to get more from your data’. We do believe the real value is in the data, moreover we explore data every day and find new insights for our customers. But ask yourself, are you convinced that you have access to all the data you really need? What about that old milling machine? How many running hours does it have? When does it need it’s next maintenance? What about that remote station? Is it connected? During this session you will learn how Bagaar unlocks data to all the equipment you ever wanted and build value from day one.




16:00 – 16:30