Guido Vaes

Director Innovation, HydroScan

Dr. Guido Vaes has a Master in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Engineering. From 1992 till 2004 he worked as researcher at the Hydraulics Laboratory of the KU Leuven in the field of urban water management. Since 2004, Guido is Director Innovation at HydroScan, where he leads the development of innovative water modelling and preventive smart water management solution. Since 2012 he is also lecturer at the KU Leuven for open channel flow and urban drainage.



Proactive leak management using smarter metering

In Europe on average 30% of the water supply is lost, mainly due to invisible leaks. HydroScan developed a groundbreaking solution to obtain spectacular reductions of non-revenue water. HydroScan’s LeakRedux is a smart, cloud technology-driven, real-time alert system combined with advanced modelling. LeakRedux detects large leaks in real-time enabling a faster intervention to prevent large damage. Moreover, it identifies also invisible leaks, narrows down the leak search zone and predicts the most appropriate time for repairing them.



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