Bavo Van den Heuvel


Bavo Van den Heuvel is commercial engineer, FIP, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPP/IT , ISO27001 Lead Auditor certified and Forensic Computer Auditor. He is Faculty Member at the IAPP and lecturer at Thomas More. He is recognised as a true specialist in applied privacy and IT-security. He is co-founder and Direcor of Product Innovation at CRANIUM and data protection trainer at CRANIUM Campus. Data Protection Officer since 2004! Translating the data protection needs between legal/business and IT-(security) people is his daily challenge!



Privacy Enhancing Technologies in home automation: how to comply with the GDPR

(In the future) to get the most out of the sensors in your house a lot of the processing will be done in the cloud. This can impact your privacy (and your data subject rights). We will talk about possible solutions where a lot of the processing is done locally (in your house) in a way that the impact on your privacy is limited to the bare minimum.



Okapi Room 16:00