Smart Mobility & the energy shift

The IoT Convention continues in 2022 with yet another hot topic : ‘Smart Mobility & the Energy Shift, no time to lose! ‘

Anyone who follows this topic will have understood the clear link between the step towards smart mobility and the energy shift… one goes with the other and vice versa! And both are amongst the most important challenges for the coming years (!).

Besides reducing CO2 emissions, the shift towards smarter mobility is also about improving road safety, optimizing traffic flows, using sensors and smart camera’s, managing traffic data and environmental data, Intelligent Transport Systems, the availability of a sufficient number of charging/filling stations and much more…

This conference targets a broad range of actors involved in the shift towards smart mobility like the public sector, local authorities, businesses, research, technology and service providers who will inspire companies and organizations, searching for insights, knowledge and support. We focus on real-life business cases, implementing strategies, success stories and lessons learned, technical insights, stories about innovation & state-of-the art technologies, etc..

‘Smart Mobility & the Energy Shift, no time to lose!’ will be hosted on our content / conference platform: Insightz.io


The conference focuses on relevant topics regarding the way we travel today and in the future.

  • Smart: Relates to intelligent devices, connectivity (5G), Digital Twins, Apps, data, platforms…
  • Sustainable: Relates to the energy shift, the mix of different modi, energy storage, green energy, low emissions, …
  • Safe: Relates to advanced driver assistance systems, ITS, interaction between vehicles and road signs, …
  • Social: Relates to inclusion, availability, accessibility, behavior, well-being, incentives, public acceptance…
  • Shared: Relates to public transport, new business models, M.A.A.S., autonomous shuttles (Fly, Drive, Float)

Call for abstract

The IoT Convention Advisory Board welcomes the submission of high quality abstracts!

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