Ann Fournier

Purchasing officer Digipolis – Architect BFS

Ann Fournier (female) has a master degree in Electromechanical Engineering (option production) (Antwerp, 1991). From 1991 till 1994, she was researcher on the Antwerp High School of Engineering. From 1994 till 2000 she was process engineer at Siemens Atea of the production department in the domain of SMD production lines. From 2000 till 2005 she was lead procurer of mobile equipment responsible for Benelux and Germany and OTN systems at Siemens Atea. From 2005 she coordinates the purchasing department of Digipolis. She is also responsible for Facility management, the internal sales department and the education department of Digipolis aiming e-inclusion. She set out the new visions and procurement trajectories at Digipolis.



Buy from Startups – Partnering with Startups.

Software development in Antwerp has been experiencing – and continues to do so – a revolutionary transformation. For this Digipolis, IT partner of the City of Antwerp, collaborates with creative partners who believe in a radically different type of software. Software that is not developed in a single piece, but in blocks that can be quickly put together, modified and rebuilt, enabling a quick and flexible response to conditions and allowing the development to be much more cost effective. Additionally these blocks are reusable. To be able to partner with startups, Digipolis shaped quick and slimmed-down procurement procedures within the law on public procurement. An inspiring story that started in 2015.



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